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  • Nathan Rosidi

    Nathan Rosidi

    i like creating content and building tools for data scientists.

  • Carolina Bento

    Carolina Bento

    Articles about Data Science and Machine Learning | @carolinabento

  • Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman

    Principal Data/ML Scientist @ The Cambridge Group | Harvard trained Statistician and Machine Learning Scientist | Expert in Statistical ML & Causal Inference

  • Sachin Date

    Sachin Date

    In-depth explanations of regression and time series models. Get the intuition behind the equations.

  • Piero Paialunga

    Piero Paialunga

    PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Master’s degree Physicist, Data Scientist, professional google-searcher.

  • Christopher Tao

    Christopher Tao

    👁️ 2.75M+ Reads🏆7.6k+ Followers🥇Top 50 Writer👨‍🎓PhD💻Data Engineer/Machine Learning 🤝LinkedIn

  • Linda Chen

    Linda Chen

    Share what I learned, and learn from what I shared. All about machines, humans, and the links between them. Take everything with a grain of salt.

  • Giorgos Myrianthous

    Giorgos Myrianthous

    Machine Learning Engineer — I talk about Python, Data and MLOps

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